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Portfolio News and Updates: November 2023

E. Bader
November 30, 2023

November News and Updates

Marifish Incubator Project Launches

November marked the launch of a new facility to foster sustainable aquaculture innovation in Belgium. Marifish.Inc will serve as an incubator, accelerator, and innovation community from its location at the Flemish Fish Auction site in Ostend. The project is a collaboration between the European Food Centre, Voka - Kamer van Koophandel West-Vlaanderen and POM West-Vlaanderen. Marifsh will provide the next generation of marine startups with facilities as well as coaching and community support.

Learn more about Marifish.Inc

Climate Smart Commodities Grant Program Launches for Propagate and Partners

Applications are open as of November 15 for eligible U.S. producers to apply for an incentive payment program. The direct payments will fund the transition of 30,000 acres in 30 states to agroforestry systems. The payments will total $36 million over the next five years, funding the adoption of agroforestry practices nationally. The project is one of the USDA Climate Smart Commodities grant projects and includes Propagate and lead partner, The Nature Conservancy. The first deadline for the enrollment cycle is December 15, 2023.

Learn more about the program and application

Monarch’s MK-V Tractor Expanding to Global Market

The Monarch team introduced their autonomous, electric tractor, the MK-V to Europe with a first event in Germany, November 12. The MK-V European tour includes stops in Italy, Spain, and currently, Montpellier, France for SITEVI, an international exhibition for growers in the vine, wine, fruit, and olive ag markets. In the U.S. market, Monarch just launched its first dealer partnership, Burrows Tractor, Inc. in Washington state, following a successful trial of the MK-V in a high-density apple orchard.

Investing in Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

Koen van Seijen interviewed Charley Cummins of Walden Mutual for the Investing in Regenerative Agriculture podcast. The episode, “The Silver Bullet of Regeneration is Accounting,” covers the role of innovative finance and why starting a bank might be the most impactful thing you can do in your regional food system.

In addition, the Water Series, funded by The Nest, wrapped up with the final two episodes:

Ichsani Wheeler and Lenka Danilovic — How to make water our friend again thanks to hippies with satellites and indigenous water management

Rodger Savory — Restore the water cycles and reverse desertification in California, regenerating 150,000 acres with 600,000 cows

Other News

At the Farm

Late this fall, Domaine de Graux will welcome its latest inhabitants, almost 70 sheep! While many farms mechanically kill the cover crop for spring planting, these new additions will earn their keep by grazing the fields instead and contributing fertilizer. With the seasons changing to winter, the team at Domaine also prepared shelter for the Angus cattle.

In the past month, the farm hosted a team event for The Federal Holding and Investment Company (SFPIM), Belgium’s Sovereign Wealth Fund. Other events included House of Agroecology Belgium’s first members meeting and a Family Day for Farm For Good.

Holiday Greetings

For those who celebrate this holiday season, we wish you a safe and festive season. And for all, we hope for a bright and purposeful new year ahead.