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About Us

The Nest is a Belgian family office investing in the future of food, water, and housing. We are driven to create a healthy and fair world for generations to come. Learn more about our impact philosophy.
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We invest in companies and funds that are creating a more resilient food system.
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Real Estate

We develop buildings that are clean, low impact, and affordable.
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We provide support to initiatives that get the flywheel going.

We are partners.

While other firms invest in deals and talk about exits, we invest in people and talk about partnerships. Our relationships endure.

We are pragmatic.

It is never going to be perfect. A small improvement on a large scale can have more impact than a large improvement on a small scale.

We are decisive.

We make rapid, informed decisions. We are direct with a hint of impatience. Some may not like it. We think it helps us to push forward.

The Team

Our team mirrors the people we partner with: challengers at heart driven by a sense of urgency and a deeply ingrained need to do good.
Els built her career in the Americas division of her family business, TVH, growing and scaling the business 10x over a period of 16 years to nearly $500M in revenue, employing over a thousand people. Driven by a passion for people and their well being, she returned to Belgium and started The Nest to increase the scale of impact on human lives even further.

Els Thermote

Chief Executive Officer
After a 12 year career in Belgium in the industrial and construction environment, Laurent was fortunate to run multiple projects in the U.S., including real estate investments and start ups in recycling. He hopes that The Nest family office will inspire other families to follow the movement toward a better world.

Laurent Vannest

Managing Director
Passionate about finance for over 40 years, John was CFO for the TVH Group, which grew to over €1 billion with operations in over 180 countries. Handing over the torch to the next generation, he is now coaching, motivating, and challenging the young potentials of The Nest Family Office.

John Laebens

Chief Finance Officer
Louis has always been a person who makes things happen. His path took him through audit and consulting to entrepreneurship. Then it dawned on him that he could make an even bigger impact working with many entrepreneurs at once. He believes that collaboration is everything, especially when facing the urgent challenge of climate change.

Louis Dhont

Chief Operating Officer
Born to parents that have worked to improve the world through agriculture and healthy eating, it’s no surprise that Anouk has joined The Nest. Her journey took her through roles in strategy consulting, venture capital investing, and interim management: the perfect experience to help entrepreneurs improve our food systems.

Anouk Schoors

Investment Director

An Van Eycken

Senior Accountant

Hallie Fox


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Our Values

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Apply pareto principle. Be an idealist but keep reality in mind. Do.
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Respect people’s time and beliefs. Be constructive but critical. Love.
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Be persistent. Believe you can be the change. Start over if necessary. Adapt.
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Dare to question. Be audacious. Innovate and dare to change. Challenge.
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Be a thought leader. Share knowledge. Be generous with your time. Educate.
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Be humble. Give back. Maintain a positive state of mind. Enjoy.