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Portfolio News and Updates: August 2023

E. Bader
August 30, 2023

August News and Updates

On Set with Eat More Trees

This month, The Nest founder, Els Thermote met up with the documentary team Eat More Trees as the crew filmed perennial and agroforestry projects in the U.S. The Nest is proud to be one of the funders of the project which will launch in Spring 2024. To learn more, follow updates from Eat More Trees on LinkedIn and read this month’s feature on the project and the team’s visit to the U.S.

S2G Features Clear Frontier and Trace Genomics at the S2G Summit

At theS2G Summit, Sanjeev Krishnan moderated a discussion with Clear Frontier’s Justin Bruch and Builders Vision’s Lukas Walton. The discussion covered funding for the new partnership between Builders Vision and Clear Frontier, and how such partnerships can help meet the growing demand for regenerative, organic, and traceable products in the CPG market. Watch the video of the discussion.

The S2G Summit also featured an Entrepreneur Spotlight on Poornima Parameswaran, PhD, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Trace Genomics. Parameswaran provided insights on environmental challenges in the ag sector and Trace Genomics’ latest initiatives that use data-backed solutions to build a healthier ag system. Watch the presentation.

Additional Trace Genomics Updates

Poorinama Parameswaran of Trace Genomics will also be speaking at Forbes’ 2023 Sustainability Leaders Summit, on September 20, 2023 in New York City.

Trace Genomics, as an industry-leading provider of science-validated soil biology insights, has expanded its relationship with CHS Inc., one of the nation's leading agribusinesses. With this expansion, an increasing number of CHS growers and geographies will have access to the Trace insights that are integrated into the CHS Advanced Soil Analytics (ASA) program and Major Carbon Initiative (MCI).

Latest, Reports and Insights

This month, AquaSpark issued their latest impact report, key topics include the record year of growth in aquaculture, achieving sustainability with global aquaculture production at an all-time high, and the potential of alternative ingredient use to improve sustainability and resiliency for aquaculture. Read the report.

A new article by Synthesis analyzes the state of consumer adoption for alternative proteins, and technological evolution that can help the food industry meet customer needs for taste, convenience, and cost. Read the article.

Water Cycle Series

Four new episodes of the Water Cycle Series have launched on Investing in Regenerative Agriculture. The topics cover the power of water vapor to cool that planet and unlocking the value from water restoration projects.

Water is a more important cooling factor than the heat of carbon
Marcel de Berg, founder of Green Water Cools, discusses the link between biodiversity and the power of using “green water” to cool the planet.

Farm water at its proper scale
Dr. Millán Millán, director of the Centro de Estudios Ambientales del Mediterráneo (CEAM), discusses how to restore the small water cycle, why the summer storms and rains have disappeared and how this is connected to massive snows in the UK and massive floods in Central Europe.

The regreening project we can’t afford not to do, restoring the water and weather systems in the Med, starting with fish
Ties van der Hoeven, founder and creative director of The Weather Makers, discusses a project that is restoring the water cycles in the Mediterranean. The interview details the importance of water vapor on cooling the planet and why the conversation needs to expand beyond carbon alone.

On a mission to train hundreds of thousands of people in key water restoration techniques
Zach Weiss, founder of Elemental Ecosystems and Water Stories, shares his mission to train hundreds of thousands of people in key water restoration techniques. Water restoration can be an investable space that also builds jobs, prevents costly disasters, and increases agriculture production.

In the Media

Astanor Ventures

With its latest impact report, Astanor Ventures launched its Impact Multiple on Investment (IMOI) methodology: a proprietary impact-calculation methodology that takes impact metrics and translates them into impact return on investment. The tool is perfect for demonstrating the value of impact creation that can be attributed back to investors. Inspired by the True Cost Accounting and Social Return on Investment approaches, the model translates the expected and realized benefits of its invested-in products or services into monetary terms. Learn about the IMOI methodology.

Monarch Tractor

CNH Industrial, owner of the New Holland brand of farm equipment, enlisted the Monarch Tractor as a strategic partner to develop a prototype version of the New Holland all-electric utility tractor, the T4 Electric Power. First unveiled in December 2022, the teams produced a prototype in record time with plans to develop a production model for CNH Industrial’s Case IH brand. Read the article.

Atomo Coffee

GreenQueen lists Atomo Coffee as one of the businesses making molecular coffee a reality. As the climate changes, 60% of all coffee species could become extinct and half of the land currently growing coffee may not be arable by 2100. Viable alternatives, including Atomo’s product made with upcycled ingredients, offer asolution for the future of our coffee addiction. Learn how your morning cup may change in the future.

Walden Mutual

In July, Walden Mutual was featured in Regenerative Food Systems Investment Forum’s list of Regenerative Agriculture and Food investment opportunities for retail investors. While not an investment platform, RFSI highlighted Walden Mutual’s deposit accounts that “enable anyone to make positive and lasting change to our local food ecosystem.” Learn about retail investing in regenerative agriculture.


Edacious is hiring for Lab Technician. The role will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the core laboratory instruments, analysis of food types, performing routine laboratory maintenance, keeping a record of chemical inventory including MSDS, and assisting with background research and method development.

Propagate is looking for an Engineer Manager to lead and manage a team of engineers to deliver features and solutions for their Overyield software.

From the Farm

With just over a month before our Open House event for The Nest’s portfolio, we want to recognize the hard work and dedication of the team at Domaine de Graux. We are looking forward to the event in October and are excited to welcome our portfolio companies to this special place.

As summer ends, the team at the farm just harvested wheat and has started picking fruit from the orchard. The plums are delicious this season and will be made into jam. The orchard is a high-stem orchard which combines trees at a limited density with pasture. The method increases biodiversity and allows integration with livestock. The orchards provide essential protection from wind and erosion, shade for the animals, carbon sequestration, and establish a dense pasture for grazing. Finally, we welcomed the last of the season’s Angus calves, a female.

Please visit the new Domaine de Graux website to see stunning videos and images and learn more about our mission.